Tuesday, January 10, 2012
same as always, today and tomorrow.


It seems I have been a little slow lately on the stream of things. With the emergence of facebook and my gradual accustomed use of it, i find that blogs are of a dying trend (no insult intended). Over here in Malaysia blogging was a means of expression and sharing information. And how would we measure the success of such means? through the number of readers? site visits? replies?

When pitted against facebook, blogs are a real far cry.

even with interesting events happening around me, there is only so much i am willing to share online. it used to be the privacy issue that worries me, now that hardly seems to matter any more due to easy access of personal information on social networking sites.

anyways, i got a new toy. The momo9 android tablet.

Let's see.. since my last update..

I have a bike now, although it's just a cub, but daily commute to and fro subang jaya without the need to worry about traffic jams and parking has been a hell of a blessing.

both my cousin sisters got married in November and December 2011.

My mental condition is stable right now, with no progression on the social and romance aspect. Financial input has been limited due to the above purchase.

will try to write more, never knowing what to write, i'll just put some words here anyway.

Still, blogs are a journal afterall, meant to put in thoughts and ideas, worries and dreams, predictions and history.

signing off, hello 2012.

*oh yes, i used to rhyme too. Somebody remind me of this sometime.

by ChocoPanda
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Thursday, May 05, 2011
The Fridge Story

Story of the Fridge

Since it was born, the fridge's sole responsibility was to keep food fresh.
And the way to keep things fresh was to keep them cool. In such a way, the fridge was just a cold and heartless machine meant for a sole purpose.

The fridge would keep anything placed inside it fresh and fit for consumption for longer periods of time than normal.

The longer the doors of the fridge remain closed, the lower the temperature becomes. Because there are no exchange of air molecules from the surroundings, the air within will be kept cool to a certain point.

The fridge may however, lose its effectiveness after years of service without breaks. The owner now has 2 options:

1. To fill it up with gas so that it may continue to serve its purpose.

2. To get a new fridge (since panasonic has the promotion right now).

Either way, it does not change to keep cool, be cold, and only there to serve others.

In the end, the fridge will finally have rest when it stops working all together. Only to be discared when it is of no more use, the fridge finally feels warmth since the day it was made.

now I wonder who should i dedicate this story to.. hmm...

by ChocoPanda
tag(s) : deep in heart, image post, rant, technology, toy
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Saturday, October 16, 2010
I get drunk, I get high, I see horses as adriana lima

Point form update:

  • the white wira is sold, for RM6k. that was a fun 15 years!
  • ducky is back
  • both of his brothers got married this year
  • successfully got into marketing degree sem 1
  • went to langkawi
  • came back from langkawi
  • made two videos of langkawi
  • successfully got into sem 2 (no fails, but lousy marks)
  • tico never dies!
  • my class now has a new girl!
  • ohhhh she's soooooooo cutee~~~
  • *evil thoughts* muahahaha
  • phil is back and i'll have to get a drink with him soon.
  • damn assignments
  • damn shortsem
  • damn ciggs naik harga

hmm... i think that's it, below are the videos of langkawi, did by yours truly with some help. enjoy ;)


Twilight on the Beach

Purple Skies

Black Purple 2



Cocktail Sausages

Orange Sunset. the right color this time.

The gang thanking the heavens.

Pose time!

Day 1

Day 2

by ChocoPanda
tag(s) : deep in heart, image post, joy of sight, lovesick, rant, technology
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Friday, May 21, 2010

  • TiCO is progressing well.
  • there are pretty girls in my class Tongue
  • in degree now, marketing
  • work + other stuff have kept me busy
  • i have always wondered if i already have facebook, that almost makes blogging an excess
  • i remember how to blog!
  • some selection of pictures for you~

Metropark Hotel Kowloon, January 2010

Kitten that fell asleep on my lap at carlos, taipan.

Jeremy our class rep, taking 2 pipes at once

a dashboard with 10 jiggle head puppets

fire, i forgot what was the occasion

ah chiat lamenting over shifting to nilai for degree

know this road?

on the way to rawang

Red potion!

just to let you know... i'm still here Shocked

by ChocoPanda
tag(s) : image post, joy of sight, lovesick, rant, toy
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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I don't know why i did that today (29/08)
seeing you holding yourself like a baby
slightly shivering from the cold
i wanted to hold you, but i'm not that bold

instead i go out of the place
to consult with an old accomplice
then the thought hit me in the face
this is a bloody shopping base!

what the hell, today i brought less cash
usually i bring slightly more, not less
hoping for something as i ran downstairs
i saw a big sign, it's on sale over there!

i made a purchase in some minutes
and ran back, a flame somewhere lit
passed it to her & told her to wear it
i said no more and almost fell asleep

when we came out she didn't really want it
and i said i wouldn't fit
just take is as a birthday gift (in advance)
with some thanks we walked to the lift

i might have caused more confusion
and jeopardized the situation
but i felt that i had to act
or i'll regret that very evident fact

should i be content with what i did
i'm not sure where that would lead
just to let you know, i wont hide
because where i really wanna be, is by your side.

from the suggestion of a rafiki
i should stop all this idiocy
for real, for myself, for awhile
i agree, and so it will be that way for now...


on a completely unrelated note, my updates:

-I celebrated my 21st birthday at Summit hotel, USJ.
-cheewin's car tumbled & rolled down 300 feet of ravine, car is beyond repair but he's ok.
-met with the producer of GHI, saw the house, had a little chat
-i will be trying to learn hokkien

by ChocoPanda
tag(s) : deep in heart, lovesick, rant, words that rhyme
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Saturday, July 11, 2009

the first day I saw you
sitting with the front few
with a first class style
that made me skip several miles

on the second day
my feelings started to sway
just like your slightly curled hair
that seems to float lightly in the air

being eighteen this year
you're quite the outgoing girl
when I started my approach
maybe that's when your suspicion arose

when boredom made you call
I was overjoyed & ran to the door
then we just head to the mall
watched a movie, had a meal, that was all

since the beginning I could see
all you wanted was to be free
enjoying your life at college
not wanting anything else at this stage

I was such a blind & brainless fool
who never noticed the animosity that grew
to push you like so
making you think it was just a show

there were no intention
to be with you in a relation
buy my thoughts and emotions
never matched my plans or actions

it all started with your smile
but as things are now
along with those beautiful eyes
might never again face this way
maybe not even for good byes

- hearing her voice & seeing her smile... the pain is real, I wonder when, why, and how?

by ChocoPanda
tag(s) : deep in heart, food, image post, joy of sight, lovesick, rant
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